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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our live support team or head over to our telegram group.
General Questions
Presale Questions
What is Collateral Network? Collateral Network is a global Software as a Service (SAAS) protocol leveraging blockchain technology to connect borrowers and lenders, offering a decentralized platform for asset-based lending, digital loans, and borrowing and lending activities.
Is Collateral Network a Lender or Borrower? Collateral Network is neither a lender nor a borrower. It functions as a bridge, connecting those wanting to borrow and those wanting to lend. It does not provide financial advice and is not a financial advisor. The platform facilitates transactions between parties without directly engaging in lending or borrowing.
How does Collateral Network work? Collateral Network provides a platform where physical and digital assets can be placed for lenders to invest at the relevant LTV of the asset value, ensuring sufficient margin. It enables lenders and borrowers to come together, transact, and engage in lending activities.
What is the purpose of the COLT token? The COLT token serves as a utility within the Collateral Network, allowing holders to enjoy reduced platform fees, governance participation, tier-based discounts, staking opportunities, and access to private auctions.
Where can I buy COLT tokens? COLT tokens can be bought directly from the Collateral Network platform during the presale and on various listed exchanges post-presale.
What are the advantages to a COLT token holder? COLT token holders benefit from reduced platform fees, tier-based discounts on trading and borrowing fees, exclusive access to private auctions of distressed assets below market value, and more.
Will my loan be private? Collateral Network respects your privacy, providing a platform for asset-backed loans without performing credit checks or affecting affordability calculations. Your financial information remains confidential.
How will the assets be secured? Assets are represented by NFTs, with security provided by the relevant parties on the platform, not Collateral Network itself.
What happens if a borrower defaults? The platform facilitates the disposal of assets to recoup the initial capital, allowing $COLT token holders access to private auctions.
How is Collateral Network delivering on its promises? Collateral Network focuses on strategic planning, leveraging its technology to maintain transparency and connect parties within the borrowing and lending environment. What is the token burn percentage? 5% of any unsold tokens during the pre-sale will be burnt. When is the token launch? The official launch is scheduled for 5 days after the pre-sale ends. What is the token launch price? The initial price for the tokens is $0.0397, based on the final stage of the presale price.
How are Tangible NFTs utilized in Collateral Network? NFTs are minted to represent assets, enabling liquidity, tradability, and redeemability on COLT's marketplace.
What are the staking opportunities with COLT? Token holders can stake COLT to earn passive income with an APR ranging from 5.5% to 14.8% per annum.
What opportunities are available in the Collateral Marketplace? The marketplace facilitates trading and collection of asset backed fractionalized NFTs, diversification of portfolios, participation in auctions, and fractional lending opportunities.
Are there additional governance benefits for COLT holders? Yes, token holders can vote on various topics within the ecosystem.
How can I participate in the Auctions? Token holders can access private auctions of distressed assets, both physically and digitally.
What other features are unlocked by holding more COLT? Holding more COLT enhances the user experience and provides additional advantages within the Collateral Network.
What are the potentials of Collateral? Collateral aims to become the largest P2P SaaS platform, focusing on decentralized P2P agreements, bridging parties with blockchain technology.
How would investors' assets be kept safe? Investor assets are safeguarded through industry-standard security measures such as encryption, multi-signature wallets, and regular audits.
Who are the developers of the project? A team of founders, skilled developers, and professionals lead the project, each contributing unique expertise. What’s the size of the team and their skills? The Collateral team consists of 8 dedicated members, each playing a crucial role in the project's success. The team is composed of:
  • 2 Founders, driving the vision and strategic direction
  • 1 Chairman, providing leadership and governance
  • 1 Lending/Operations Specialist, focusing on the lending processes and daily operations
  • 1 Blockchain & AI Developer, responsible for the technological architecture and innovations
  • 1 Marketing Specialist, handling the promotion and community engagement
  • 1 Analyst, conducting thorough analysis and research
  • 2 Industry Advisors, offering expert advice and insights into the market
This talented group works together to realize the goal of making Collateral the largest P2P SaaS platform, fostering seamless agreements and transactions between parties in the crypto community.
How can one be verified or satisfied to partake in the lending process, while building up the platform would there be staffs in different countries that would examine their documents? Verification for the lending process is straightforward. All that's required is registration on the platform. While KYC is optional, lenders have the discretion to request that borrowers undergo KYC procedures if they wish. This option is available on the platform, providing flexibility and control to both lenders and borrowers in the verification process.
How can I claim my tokens? Detailed instructions will be provided upon completion of the presale, guiding participants in securing their tokens.
Which exchanges will Collateral be listed on? Exchange listings information will be announced closer to the launch, in alignment with the project's roadmap.
When will the COLT app be launched? The BETA Version is planned for Q4 of 2023, with select COLT holders participating in testing.
How can communities get in contact? Communities can typically get in contact through official social media channels, support email, or community forums or by emailing [email protected]
What’s the circulating supply? The circulating supply is detailed in the project's Tokenomics and whitepaper, reflecting the distribution and allocation strategy.
What technologies and methodologies are being used to develop, scale, and deploy the Collateral Network platform? Software built using .NET, an open source managed platform created by Microsoft, for building out different types of applications.
Scripting language predominately C# a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. Python used for ML modelling. SQL for databases.
Scaling achieved through how applications are built, shared and ran using Docker and creating independently deployable micro-services utilising an architectural pattern that arranges an application as a collection of loosely coupled, fine-grained services, communicating through lightweight protocols.
Container orchestration achieved using Kubernetes (K8), an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications. (Planet scale, Never Outgrow & Run Anywhere)
Automated Rollout and Rollbacks Service Discovery & Load Balancing Storage Orchestration Self-Healing Horizontal Scaling
Collateral Network is a cloud-native scalable, host agnostic, machine-learning enabled, secure, reliable, cross-platform deployment targets specific set of operating systems (Linux / Windows / macOS / iOS & Android) and devices (Servers / Mobile / Tablets & Desktops).
Targeting NET 8 (LTS) - Nov 2023
Building full stack web & hybrid native apps using .NET MAUI and Blazor components that can run anywhere.
AI Machine Learning modelling built predominately using, an open-source and cross-platform machine learning framework. Leveraging other ML libraries like TensorFlow (Google Brain) and ONNX (Neural Networking) and OpenAI (Chat GPT)
What payment methods are accepted for purchasing COLT tokens? The platform currently accepts payments in ETH, BTC, USDT, USDC, and LTC.
Are there any bonuses for purchasing COLT tokens? No bonuses apply for the last stages of the pre-sale.
When do I receive my tokens? Tokens will be airdropped to community members after the presale concludes. This method ensures no additional costs to community members.
How long is the presale? The presale is divided into 7 stages, concluding five days after the final stage. It allows a structured and transparent process.
Are my tokens vested? Vesting includes 3 months for presale tokens, 2 years for team tokens, and 12 months for others tokens, protecting holders.
Is there any tax added to the token? No buy or sell tax is added to your token. You'll receive 33.3% of your tokens monthly in the claim section.
What is the minimum purchase amount? The minimum purchase amount for COLT tokens is $50, making it accessible to various investors. What are the hard cap details for the token sale? The Hard Cap details are in the finalization stage. Once confirmed, the community will be updated promptly.
Can I receive my tokens in my CEX wallet? No, COLT tokens must be received in a DeFi wallet to ensure compatibility with the token's architecture.
What is the maximum amount I can purchase? There's no maximum purchase amount, allowing flexibility for different investment levels.
What network is Collateral Network deployed on? The COLT token is deployed on the Ethereum network and uses WETH, utilizing its established and secure framework.
What is the strategy for unsold tokens? 5% of unsold tokens will be burned to create scarcity, and the rest will be moved to a community reserve, potentially driving value.
How will the token airdrop or gas fee payment be handled? Tokens will be airdropped to the community, ensuring that no additional costs are incurred.
When is the presale ending? With 71% of the token allocation sold, the presale is anticipated to conclude in the next 2-4 weeks.