Meet The Team

Matthew Hutchings


Matt Hutchings is a seasoned project manager with over a decade of experience in both backend and front-end industries, specializing in crypto and software development. Having optimized several businesses across the UK, he's effectively and efficiently harnessed industry-leading technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFTs to streamline operations and drive growth. Matt's expertise and deep understanding of these domains allow him to craft unique and innovative solutions that have been instrumental in driving growth for numerous enterprises.

Charlie Smith


Charlie Smith boasts a diverse skill set encompassing networking, hardware engineering, SEO and SMM, game development, and cryptography. He leverages this expertise to architect robust and secure IT infrastructures, amplify brand visibility, and craft engaging user experiences. With a profound grasp of blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokenomics, NFTs, and DeFi, Charlie consistently designs unique and innovative crypto solutions that propel businesses forward. His deep knowledge and hands-on experience in networking, hardware, and cryptography have positioned him as a go-to expert for businesses seeking to harness the power of blockchain and crypto technologies.

Jim Coleman


Jim Coleman, with a career rooted in corporate treasury, holds a BSc in Pure Mathematics from the University of St Andrews and an MBA from Imperial College London. As Chief Capital Officer & Treasurer at PCF Bank, he played a pivotal role in designing the treasury function and optimizing capital management. Coleman also held significant positions at Sainsbury's Bank and Lloyds Banking Group, where he implemented new treasury models and led the £24bn sale of TSB Bank. Currently, as Trustee Treasurer at HealthProm and Treasury Consultant at fiinu, he continues to shape policies and strategies, reflecting his expertise in funding, risk management, and liquidity.

Pete Parsons

Lending Specialist

Peter Parsons, with over two decades in business, has specialized in asset-backed lending, founding The Asset Exchange Ltd and transforming it into a prominent lender. Now leading Collateral Network, he is leveraging blockchain technology to innovate lending solutions, pioneering the use of tangible NFTs. Peter's extensive background in various sectors, paired with his track record in growing companies and raising significant funds, demonstrates his innovative approach. As he focuses on Collateral Network, Peter continues to be a driving force in the financial industry.

Remus Cosmin Carstoiu

Advisor - Crypto Legal

Managing Partner of a private Law Firm with 21 years of corporate, commercial and banking background, and 8 years of capital markets and crypto-related compliance procedures and documentation, contract law, corporate compliance, IP, IT, data privacy, and international commercial legislation.

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Advisor - Blockchain Expert, Co-Founder of Bitcoin Gold

Martin is the driving force behind's establishment, a Co-Founder of Bitcoin Gold, and a stakeholder in numerous innovative startups. His involvement with blockchain dates back to 2016, and he brings substantial experience in software development and business strategy to the table. Additionally, Martin possesses expertise in fintech and healthcare domains. Over the last five years, he has contributed to over 25 diverse projects and remains a supporter of talented students. With a robust background in startups and an unparalleled expertise in blockchain technology, Martin Kuvandzhiev has consistently transformed the impossible into tangible successes. As the co-founder of Bitcoin Gold (which clinched a top 5 spot on CoinMarketCap in 2017) and the founder of (boasting 2x growth annually since 2019), Martin's mastery in the blockchain domain stands out, he is committed to bringing visionary projects to life.

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