Tangible NFTs

Collateral Network's Tangible NFTs are a fusion of the physical and digital, transforming the way assets are managed and traded.

  1. Minting and Representation: Upon asset purchase, an NFT is minted to digitally represent that specific asset. Various security measures are applied, depending on the nature of the asset, to ensure physical security.

  2. Ownership and Transferability: The corresponding NFT is sent to the buyer's digital wallet, providing full control and transferability. This on-chain representation on the Ethereum and WETH blockchain guarantees transparent transactions.

  3. Liquidity and Redeemability: Tangible NFTs are more than symbolic; they're fully liquid, tradable assets. Lenders, too, can release their invested money through NFT trading within COLT's marketplace.

  4. Integration with COLT Ecosystem: These Tangible NFTs play vital roles across the ecosystem, from the marketplace to auctions and crowdlending, providing a broad spectrum of opportunities.


Tangible NFTs within the Collateral Network open doors to a new dimension in decentralized finance, marked by efficiency, creativity, and security. Engaging with these assets on the Ethereum and WETH blockchain provides a unique and secure platform like never before.

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